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You Never Walk Alone in Liverpool

“You Never Walk Alone” What a beautiful piece from a song made by The Beatles which later on became the theme song of the local football team, Liverpool. But hey, WELCOME US to Liverpool right!

We arrived around 7pm and we headed to the hotel right away. Now, I didn’t know if the UK Embassy in Indonesia team already prepared everything in a very great way because our hotel was so cool! It is The Beatles themed hotel and the name is (drum roll) Hard Days Night! One of my favorite The Beatles’ songs! I rushed into my own room and I could see their painting on the wall and then the TV with them singing along oh my what a room I have (I mean, I know everybody probably will get the same but still). Then the greatest thing is that this hotel located super near with The Cavern Club. If you friends are die hard The Beatles’ fans then you should now that in this club, they had their very first ever gig.

Ah can’t wait to explore this historic city on the next day!


So in the next day, we had a city tour with a very red bus! I thought it was a Liverpool Football Club themed bus LOL! Our first stop with the red bus was British Music Experience. This place is packed with tons of information about the music world from UK. From Adele, The Beatles, Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Radiohead, Coldplay and many more! There were also lots of entertainment and educative spots in the building. So much fun! I was handed a gadget, which can guide me through the entire building. The point is, this building brought and explained me the music revolution from year 1945 to now. What amazed me is that they kept track of everything. Awesome!

From here, we continued with the red bus to the Liverpool Museum where we could see all the history archives of the city. So much history for me to handle, so I was more paying attention to (you know) the architecture again hahaha. Then from here, we visited The Beatles Story. Everything about The Beatles can be found in here just like form the letter A to Z. An Informative insight into what the Beatles were about. A must see. Lots of input into what the fabulous four were all about. Before they were known, during their time together and when they parted to follow individual paths of success. Well-illustrated pictures, sounds and videos described in a thoroughly professional manner.


Hang on, hang on now. This is not the next day okay, this is happened on the same day. I know right? We were very busy bunch just to explore all about music and particularly when we talk about Liverpool then it has to be The Beatles. But do you know that not only The Beatles… Liverpool also has The Wombats, Carcass, The La’s, Tony Sheridan, The Zutons and many more! But I will talk about this tour only this time.

So this was a 2 hours long bus ride, it was like a city tour but specifically only to enrich your information about The Beatles. The tour started from The Cavern Club but we actually took the bus from near The Beatles Story. The itinerary was like this; We went to the child home of the drummer, Ringo Starr. I remember clearly when I watched 500 Days of Summer and Tom mentioned that nobody loves Ringo Starr. Well, I do Tom! After Ringo’s place, it was George Harisson’s birthplace (love George because of his Here Comes The Sun). In here, we could get out from the bus to take some photos. Then, we went to Penny Lane (one of The Beatles’ song); St. Peter’s Church Hall is a very memorial one because this is where John met Paul for the first time. Then, the rest is history; After this is my favorite part, Strawberry Field!; Then, John Lennon’s childhood home; After that is Paul McCartney’s, where we could also out from the bus; Then the last one was former schools and colleges of The Beatles each persons.


After the tour, I pretty much exhausted! I mean, too much The Beatles in one day you know. So we got drop off in front of The Cavern Club and because we took the tour then we could get into the club as the complimentary! Lucky us! We went to the club in the evening to see how happening it is. What we found was only bunch of senior citizens LOL. We thought we could see the youth hanging out and performing some indie music. Apparently, the place is a nostalgic machine. But, we had fun tho, don’t get it wrong hahaha.

We went back to the hotel to get some proper rest after that hectic day (I told you it was going to be super hectic from the beginning right?). Then in the morning, we’re going to London with the train. LONDON, I'M COMING!


• Realising Manchester and Liverpool don’t share the same accent. In Liverpool, the ‘R’ is more thick.
• The Beatles are everywhere!


• It rains a lot in Liverpool
• Liverpool holds The Guinness Book of Records title for being The Capital of Pop


• The Cavern Club is a renowned live music venue in Liverpool. Famous for its association with The Beatles, the band started its career here and the nightclub is now of the city’s  most popular tourist attractions. Open 7 days a week, you can find the vaulted club at 10 Mathew St in the city centre. 
• Hard Day’s Night. Central Building, North John Street Liverpool L2 6RR A 'Fab Four' star Liverpool hotel. Hard Day’s Night Hotel is the worlds only Beatles inspired hotel, combining the highest quality facilities in a truly unique environment. Located at the heart of Liverpool's 'Beatles Quarter' offering luxurious accommodation and exclusive event space with a twist. Housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Central Buildings, dating back to 1884, the beautifully restored hotel is steeped in history.
• British Music Experience which opened in March 2017 - an interactive exhibition charting UK music from the 1950s onwards. Complimentary entry is confirmed under VisitBritain
• Magical Mystery Tour, which leaves from Albert Dock and retraces the band’s footsteps through their childhood homes, Strawberry Field and Penny Lane amongst others. This tour finishes at Cavern Club at 18.00